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Classification :  Services logistiques


21 février 2022

Qingdao Changhao Logistics was established in 2008,We offer comprehensive Freight Management services to coordinate and align your transportation needs and customs clearance of your cargo.Whether you are shipping outwards or receiving inwards, going across borders or between them, we manage your shipping and logistics with a holistic approach. With our many years of solid experience, you can rest assured that we can accommodate your shipping needs, whether it is land, ocean or air, or you need it in a hurry or on a regular basis.
Référence : 0004552328

Classification :  Interprétation


16 janvier 2022

Witchpromotion (ウィッチプロモーション)は、デンマークのオベンロー (Aabenraa)出身、Finn Laus Petersen(フィン・ラウス・ピーターセン)の音楽プロジェクト。デンマークのホルステッドにあるDolphin Studio(ドールフィン・スタジオ)と協力して作曲活動している。 スピリチュアルな経歴を持つ、伝説的Finn Laus Petersen(フィン・ラウス・ピーターセン)は、最も宗教色の強い世界を覗かせてくれる才能の持ち主。 心理的な催眠術や瞑想も扱う。 スピリチュアルで、啓発的な歌詞の楽しいロック・ポップ音楽を提供する。 Finn Laus Petersen(フィン・ラウス・ピーターセン)は、デンマークの元エホバの証人を支援する救援組織でも活躍している。 北欧神話、ウィッチ(魔女)とバイキングを信じ、クリエイティブな精神を持つデンマーク出身のイラストレーター/アーティストKamilla Birla Guul(カミラ・ビーラ・グール)、とデンマークのバイレ (Vejle)にある学校教師かつ巫者であるPreben Hougaard Schmidt(プレイン・ホーハード・シュミット)によってアルバムカバーは描かれた。 デンマークのバーデ (Varde)出身Ms. Nin Pedersen(ニン・ペダーセン)とデンマークのホルステッド出身Søren Them(セーレン ・ゼム)は歌手として参加。

Classification :  Location de matériel industriel


16 novembre 2021

Zhejiang Zhengmao Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd. is an air tools manufacturer. The main products are air Impact Wrench, tire torque wrench, etc. The products are mainly used for the disassembly of automobile tires and screw disassembly for workshop maintenance and assembly.
Référence : 0004415064

Classification :  Conseil en marketing


10 novembre 2021

At Domatters, we put your business first As an experienced digital marketing company in China, our advertising experts help you hit the ground running Let’s get started!


Référence : 0004350198

Classification :  Gestion d'entreprises et d'équipements


8 octobre 2021

BAKO BUSINESS CENTER (BBC) is an online product sales platform (We make electronics, machines, furniture, services, software, clothing etc…) that wants to bring a breath of fresh air to this market by offering these customers a variety of products at advantageous prices; We target business-to-business, business leaders and wholesalers; With the following benefits 99% of better quality products at lower cost, we compare the prices of different suppliers and offer our customers the best price and best quality on the market, we help our customers with the faster and cheaper shipping process. To do this BAKO BUSINESS CENTER (BBC) wants to surround itself with partners (wholesalers, suppliers) in the growth market allowing it to offer atypical products that correspond to the desired image. Finally, BUSINESS CENTER (BBC) wants to surround itself with companies or professionals allowing us to make these products talk through the internet.
Référence : 0004160311

Classification :  Appareils électriques d'hygiène et de nettoyage ménagers


18 juin 2021

We are looking for a foam soap dispensing mechanisme, that we could simply ad to our soap bags, to go in a proffessional soap dispenser. We would like a mechanisme that does not make an angle, where the entry of the soap pocket and the hole where the soap comes out are aligned. We are looking for a manual one, that would me actuvated buy a translation mouvement and an automatique, controlled buy a motor of some sort, that will distribut soap when a hand is detected.
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