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Référence : 0004993007

Classification :  Lentilles ophtalmiques


23 juin 2022

We are a manufacturer of color contact lenses 1: With hundreds of designs and colors, the price is favorable 2: Brand agents and OEMs 3: m-houtao@dsclens ; Wechat h13040898262

Classification :  Oscillateurs


15 mai 2022

The company belongs to the distribution of automation equipment, currently looking for long-term cooperation with suppliers at the right price.
Référence : 0004869080

Classification :  Systèmes et matériel pour optoélectronique


13 mai 2022

Dear friends We are a famous manufacturer of optical fiber and cable equipment in China. The company was founded in 2004 and is located in Shanghai, China. We have advanced equipment manufacturing technology and optical cable manufacturing technology, and can provide you with excellent machines. We can provide your optical cable machines, such as coloring machine, loose tube line, SZ stranding, sheath line, tight line, indoor cable line, OPGW line, FTTH line,Optical fiber drawing tower etc.
Référence : 0004877000

Classification :  Connecteurs pour l'électronique


12 mai 2022

Search for more suppliers and customers both.

Classification :  Instruments mécaniques de vérification


29 avril 2022

We need for thermocouple cable, ceramic plug and socket for thermocouplke type S,K suppliers.

Classification :  Générateurs électriques


12 avril 2022

we want to get quotation,specification,drawing,catalogue,ISO,CE,test report,manufacturer Athorization Letter and warantee,after sail service for Generator Air Cooler(180/22/4/2-ESV-S141-34S304) heater capacity-154kW media flow(water side)-30T/H media flow(Air side)-4.25mm3/s water inlet temp;(air side)-32C water inlet temp;(water side)-40C pressure drop(water side)0.12 bar pressure drop(air side)170pa operation pressure(water side)0.4Mpa Test Pressure0.8Mpa Cooler Height-850mm,Length-1885mm,width-250mm Number of tube-84 nos Fin height-750mm,Length-1800mm,width-170mm
Référence : 0004803080

Classification :  Circuits intégrés


11 avril 2022

Dear Sir/Mr. ! Our company "Chips Pulse" mainly deal in Integrated circuit and other electronic materials globally,  we cooperate with BOM list, patches, plug-in, welding and assembly function test one-stop service,  our company is professional in distributing management, advanced production and equipment, excellent cost control and efficient solution ability, to meet all your needs. Looking forward to copperation with you, wish to hear from you soon. Have a nice day! Emial: Numbe: +86 191 6620 3056 Tell: +86 0755-8450 7083
Référence : 0004718198

Classification :  Composants pour circuits électroniques


14 mars 2022

RFQ ; coaxial cables (RF) We are writing to request quotes for 2 items of Low impedance coaxial cables (RF, flexible -> bending) : 1. (D260-4118-0000) Impedance = 25 Ohms / Dia = 0.071 inches / Length = 2M -> MOQ 2. (SFF-12.5-1) Impedance = 12.5 Ohms / Dia = 0.079 inches / Length = 3M -> MOQ Therefore, we are requesting 2 quotes.
Référence : 0004583001

Classification :  Transformateurs et auto-transformateurs


26 janvier 2022

Hi I am interested in your products Please reply with your listing prices Thank you Alderrick Sceri
Référence : 0004553004

Classification :  Matériel pour réseaux numériques


13 janvier 2022

Hello,The reason of my email is because I am trying to find a HDD supplier for hard disk drive of 320G and 500G, Could you help me to choose a good supplier with Good Price? I would like to buy a sample before buy in masive quantity. Please tell me how you can help me?
Référence : 0004386195

Classification :  Alimentations électroniques


29 octobre 2021

Input: 100V-240VAC Output: 5VDC 1A
Référence : 0004383140

Classification :  Instruments de régulation et d'essais de la pression


25 octobre 2021

Gentlemen Please provide us with a price quote for the device Model: XMB726966VPHZ Range 1 : 0.00 - 4.00 MPa Range 2 : 0.0 - 40.0 t/h Acuracy : 0.5 % No. 1006072908483 - 2

Classification :  Casques d'écoute


23 octobre 2021

Dear representative, I'm interested to become a distributor for the following product: Tsinghua Biaolong Ermaitong sleep aid Model: SM-02A Power supply: DC4.5V
Référence : 0004330061

Classification :  Instruments de mesure des ondes électromagnétiques


4 octobre 2021

Hi I am Ali, a Ph. D. student at Amirkabir University of Tehran I need a pre-invoice to buy two power meters.PowerMax-RS PS19Q and PM150-50C Can you help me?


Référence : 0004318310

Classification :  Générateurs électriques


28 septembre 2021

Dear Sir, Mrs. Please submit your best price on Items or Services listed CENTRIFUGAL FIRE PUMP TYPE XBC-1S125-100-400 ITEM PART NO IMPELLER JM-125-100-400-02 SHAFT SLEEVE JM-125-100-400-03 MACHINERY SEAL JM-125-100-400-04 MACHINERY SEAL COVER JM-125-100-400-05 OIL SEAL JM-125-100-400-06 BEARING JM-125-100-400-07 SHAFT COUPLING JM-125-100-400-09 ORING JM-125-100-400-11 SHAFT JM-125-100-400-13
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