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Logstrup is one of the leading panel builders in Denmark and wants to support our customers with all kind of customized

Complete Mounted Panels

The Alpha Enclosure System has been developed for low power applications such as distribution, sub-distribution and cont

Alpha DB Enclosures

Logstrup can provide a full customisation of customer specifications in painted or stainless steel. . By the use of the

Customized enclosures

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Nature Siège
Année de création 1958
Capital 2 800 000 DKK
Registreringsnummer 15789182
TVA DK15789182
Effectifs de l'entreprise 250 employés
Kompass ID? DK026976
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Logstrup is an international organisation engaged in the manufacture
and supply of type tested switchgear and controlgear systems worldwide.
Since 1958 the company has been a leading innovative force in this industry.

The emphasis throughout the organisation is on quality and safety.
Products have been rigorously tested by independent test laboratories
to ensure compliance to IEC 60439-2 and 61439-1/61439-2 and other
international standards.

The Logstrup strategy is to deliver products which help our customers be the
most productive and competitve in their industry.

Logstrup has established a global network of trained and authorised panel
manufacturers. This gives us local presence in most markets of the world.
These partners have been trained in electrical switchboard design, the
assembly of the Logstrup system and in our policies of good workmanship
and quality assurance.
Logstrup (Ireland) Ltd.
Dunmore Road
Tuam, Galway
Tel.: +353 93 70900
Fax.: +353 93 70901 (admin)
Fax.: +353 93 70902 (sales)
E-post: info@logstrup.ie

Logstrup (UK) Ltd.
Unit 43
Wardley Industrial Estate
Priestley Road
M28 2LY
Tel.: +44 161 728 1261
Fax.: +44 161 794 9485
E-post: info@logstrup.co.uk

Lögstrup Sweden AB
Limhamnsvägen 111
S-216 13 Limhamn
Tel.: +46 40 36 32 00
Fax.: +46 40 36 32 21
E-post: info@logstrup.se

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Type ISO 9001
Type ISO 14001
Type IEC 60439
Type IEC 61439
Type RoHS 2 Compliant
Type Sellihca pre-qualified
Type KEMA/Dekra
Type UL


Danske Bank

Zone d'export

Afrique, Moyen Orient, Asie Centrale, Asie-Pacifique, Amérique Centrale, Amérique du Nord, Europe Occidentale, Europe Centrale / Europe de l'Est, Amérique du Sud
Liban, Espagne, Hongrie, Croatie, Belgique, Egypte, Estonie, Norvège, Pays-Bas, Turquie, Australie, Autriche, Argentine, Qatar, Malaisie, Emirats Arabes Unis, Luxembourg, Jordanie, Nouvelle-Zélande, Allemagne, Pologne, République tchèque, Chypre, Philippines, Slovaquie, Vietnam, Singapour, Suède, France, Italie, Islande, Iran, Iraq, Suisse, Inde, Finlande, Israël, Russie, Serbie, Oman, Etats-Unis

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  • Draw-out/inline/Modular Enclosures 

    The Logstrup Switchgear and Controlgear System is a comprehensive modular system allowing the user to create a wide range of Switchboards and Motor Control Centres.
    Key benefits include:
    Minimal downtime
    Easy re-configuration of units while live
    Interchangeability of different unit types
    Easy upgrade or repair
    Possibility to fit components from many manufacturers
    ProfiBus and DeviceNet capable
    Up to 40 units per section

    The system can be supplied as loose part kits or mechanically assembled, and is suitable for a broad spectrum of industries and sectors, including:
    Building Services
    Power Stations
    Paper Mills
    Water Treatment Plants
    Car Industry
    Mining Industry
    Data centres
    Commercial Buildings
    Oil & Gas

    Logstrup can provide a full customisation service to customer specification in painted or stainless steel using the latest 3D technology:
    3D Concept model
    3D Visualisation and Walk Through
    Detailed design
    CAD/CAM manufacturing
    Precision welding
    Choice of colours and textures

    The Logstrup Switchgear and Controlgear System achieves the highest safety standards:
    Type Test acc. IEC 60439-1 / 61439-1,2
    Internal Arc Test acc. IEC 61641
    Section Arc Protection Barriers
    Unit Arc Protection
    Thermographic inspection areas
    Mechanical safety interlocks
    IP20 internal protection

    The Logstrup framework and cladding system provides the most robust flexible system available:

    High strength 5 bend profile
    2mm Aluzinc material
    Modular in 3 axes
    Doors in 1.5mm or 2.0mm
    IP44 standard (IP54 optional)
    Special colours available
    Customised cut-out's

    The busbar system forms the main power distribution within an assembly and is one of the critical elements determining the assembly's operational reliability and safety. Features of the system include:
    Fitted to top or bottom of panel
    2, 3 or 4 bar systems up to 8,500 A
    IP20 protection
    Distribution bars up to 1600A
    Internal arc barriers (optional)

    The Logstrup Switchgear and Controlgear System is available in a wide variety of configurations to cover all applications:
    Front Access
    Rear Access

    Steel compartmentation up to Form 4 Type 7
    Adjustable depth mounting plates
    Sizes: 4 widths, 16 heights, 6 depths
    Front or rear access

    Removable Units
    High protection against contact
    Rating up to 630 A, 500 kW, 690 V
    Fixed or hinged front panel
    Coding system
    Unique safety interlocking mechanism
    Fully re-configurable while live
    Sizes: X = 3, 4 Y = ½, 1, 1½, 2, 2½, 3, 3½, 4
    Up to 20 units per section

    High personal protection
    Rating up to 80 A, 55 kW, 690 V
    Auxiliary controls up to 46 control pins
    Front or rear access
    Removable interface box
    Interface box can be pre-wired
    Fully re-configurable while live
    Coding system
    DeviceNet & ProfiBus compatible
    Sizes: X = 1, 1½, 2, 3. Y = 1
    Up to 40 units per section

    Withdrawable Units
    High operational safety
    Rating up to 630 A, 500 kW, 690 V
    Auxiliary controls up to 46 control pins
    Fully re-configurable while live
    Coding system
    Safe operation. IP20 protection in all positions
    Fixed or hinged front panel
    DeviceNet & ProfiBus compatible
    Accommodates components from many manufacturers
    Sizes: X = 3, 4 Y = ½, 1, 1½, 2, 2½, 3, 3½, 4.
    Up to 20 units per section

    Inline Units
    Accepts ABB Slimline Products
    Accepts Jean Muller Sasil Products
    Rating 160-630 A
    Fully re-configurable while live
    Modular design
    Easy installation
    High operational safety
    High protection against contact
    High breaking capacity
    High short-circuit strength
    Up to 36 units per stack

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Per Løgstrup

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Leif Johan Henrik Ling-Vannerus

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Mads Mathias Middelboe

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Per Løgstrup

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Frank Juhlin Hvied Sørensen

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Bent Holze Larsen

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Dan Christensen

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